Automatic nonwoven fabric surgical face mask making folding produciton machine disposal medical mask production line for preventing coronavirus

Automatic nonwoven fabric surgical face mask making folding produciton machine disposal medical mask production line for preventing coronavirusModel:FML100Machine Size:7m*3.6m*2mMask length:125-180mmM

  • SKU NO.: FML100
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Quantity: In Stock
  • Certificate: FDA/CE
  • Shipping way: DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,Air Shipment,Ocean Shipment,LCL,FCL,etc.
  • Application: Widely used in hospital, health care center, medical consumables, pharmacy, beauty salon, food processing, industrial protective & personal daily use.
  • Lead Time: 7-15 days
  • Payment Method:: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)
  • Function: Anti-dust/Anti-Virus
  • Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong
  • Shipping package: Export Carton/Wooden Case
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Automatic nonwoven fabric surgical face mask making folding produciton machine disposal medical mask production line for preventing coronavirus


Machine Size:7m*3.6m*2m

Mask length:125-180mm

Mask width:80-110mm



Voltage:110V/220v 50/60Hz


laminating speed:10~80 m/min

Air compressor:0.5~0.7 MPa,air flow around 300L/min

The main part size:2100×600×1200mm(L*W*H)

The unwind size:1700×600×1400mm(L*W*H)

The conveyor belt size:2800×350×910mm(L*W*H)

Working flow: material feeding: 4 rolls can be chliced nose bridge strip feeding

2.nose bridge strip fixed length automatic cutting and implanation

3.ultrasonic edge sealing ultrasonic edge sealing and fixed shape,ultrasonic welded ear belt

4.automatic cutting: automatic fixed length cutting

5.ear-loop automatic turning: easy for packaging

6.count finished products

Applicable material and product specifications:

1.1 applicable material specification





Roll outer diameter(mm)

Roll inner diameter(mm)







Max 15kg

nose clip





Max 25kg








1.2 Production Specification

      standard: 175*95mm

I. Function

1). This production line is a fully automatic one-to-two mask machine, one body machine drives two ear band machines.

2). After the main body machine outputs the mask body, the mask body sheet is conveyed to the turning mechanism by a conveyor belt structure. The reversing mechanism is used to flip the mask plate onto the belt connected to the ear band machine, and then the mask sheet is conveyed to the first mask plate on the front of the ear band machine through the conveyor belt, and finally the mask sheet is placed on the ear band by the cylinder pressing In the mask plate of the machine, the ear band machine is used to complete the welding of the ear bands of the mask and the edging, thereby completing the production of an ear band mask product.

3). This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, single-phase motor for main conveyor belt, stepping motor turning, precise transmission, stable control and adjustable speed.

2. Features

1). High stability, low failure rate, beautiful appearance without rust;

2). Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;

3). Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

3. Main electrical parts

A. Configuration

1).Variable frequency motor 1set

2). Ultrasound 2 sets

3).plc control 1 set

4). sensor 2 sets

B. Ear band machine configuration

1). variable frequency motors, 2 sets

2). stepper motors, 4 sets

3).Cylinder, 12 ~ 16 sets

4). ultrasound, 4 set

5).electronic eyes, 10 sets

C. Conveying configuration:

Speed control motor, 2 sets

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