Face Mask Surgical Face UV Sterilizer Tunnel UV Light Sterilization Machine Ultraviolet Furnace Food

Face Mask Surgical Face UV Sterilizer Tunnel UV Light Sterilization Machine Ultraviolet Furnace FoodModel:UV200Power:1.5KwVoltage, Frequency (V / Hz):100/220V 50/60HzMaterial:stainless steelDimension

  • SKU NO.: UV200
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Quantity: In Stock
  • Certificate: FDA/CE
  • Shipping way: DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,Air Shipment,Ocean Shipment,LCL,FCL,etc.
  • Application: Widely used in hospital, health care center, medical consumables, pharmacy, beauty salon, food processing, industrial protective & personal daily use.
  • Lead Time: 1 - 3 days
  • Payment Method:: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)
  • Function: Anti-dust/Anti-Virus
  • Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong
  • Shipping package: Export Carton/Wooden Case
  • E-mail: fdamaskchina@gmail.com

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Face Mask Surgical Face UV Sterilizer Tunnel UV Light Sterilization Machine Ultraviolet Furnace Food



Voltage, Frequency (V / Hz):100/220V  50/60Hz

Material:stainless steel



Main switch:15A

Mesh belt speed range:0-5m/min

Input motor:800w



Full length:2000mm

UV working area:1000mm

Feeding area:400mm

Discharge area:400mm

Entrance height:500mm

Entrance width:200mm (adjustable)

UV sterilization can be used to the Chinese wolfberry, deer antler, bottled vinegar, soy sauce, grain, honey, the bird's nest, fruits, apples, bananas, oranges, Chinese wolfberry, pear, egg products, egg, duck egg, seafood, agricultural and sideline products, rice, wheat, dairy, bubble pepper chicken feet, candy, vegetables, meat, seasoning and food sterilization.Widely used in hospital, food, disinfection cabinet, water treatment equipment, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factory, cosmetics factory, milk factory, brewery, beverage factory, bakery, cold room, etc

And about the sterilization device:

1. With 16 sets of ultraviolet UV sterilization special tubes, sterilization in all directions.Uniform distribution in the furnace up and down the five, three, around each sterilization no dead Angle of 360 degrees all powerful antiseptic effect.

2. There a UV reflectors (inner box mirror stainless steel plate), the product through the sterilization, can greatly improve the utilization rate of up to 90% of UV light.

3. Each group germicidal lamp can separate control, increase UV ultraviolet lamp adjustable Angle adjusting device, peak value of 254 nm, sterilization effect is the best product to stay under the sterilization lamp 1-3 minutes.

4. Equipped with automatic timer, may at any time to monitor the use time of the tubes, convenient lamp replacement.

Features of uv sterilizer for vibrator

1. The ultraviolet ray is refers to between 200 nm to 380 nm wavelength of the sun's rays, including three categories: uv-a wavelength of 315 nm to 380 nm, UV - B wavelength of 280 nm to 315 nm, UV - C wavelength of 200 nm to 280 nm.Bactericidal effect of uv - C wave ultraviolet ray, of about 254.7 nm ultraviolet (uv) best.Propagule ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of microbes, including bacteria, spores, mycobacterium, viruses, fungi, mycoplasma and rickettsial, broad-spectrum resistance.The principle of sterilization by ultraviolet irradiation of bacteria, viruses and other organisms, to destroy the DNA (DNA) in body structure, make its immediate death or loss of ability to reproduce

2. The sun's rays reaching the earth's surface (290 nm - 2000 nm) in UV accounts for about 13%, and more than 97% uv-a, UV - B (3%), UV - C close to zero.On human skin damage only uv-a, UV - B.Through UV - C ultraviolet lamp made of a special process, used to carry out disinfection sterilization.

3. Select high efficiency, high strength and long service life of the UV -c low-pressure ultraviolet disinfection lamp, lamp life in 8000-10000 hours.

4. With high light transmittance, high purity quartz tube, uv transmittance over 96%

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